LYDIA Home Association has one mission of strengthening families to care for 孩子们 and to care for 孩子们 when families cannot. 下面你会发现我们的基础支柱项目,在那里你可以学到更多. 

Lydia -支柱项目

1. 完整家庭服务

Providing families with needed in-home services to prevent the removal of the 孩子们 from their home and the need for out-of-home placement. 

The 完整家庭服务 Program was created with the goal to see the overall number of 孩子们 in substitute care continue to decrease over time. Its primary purpose is to assist families who have been reported to DCFS for concerns of abuse or 忽视 and keep those families intact. 


通过这个项目, LYDIA Home provides case management services to ensure families stay on track as well as counseling services for adults, 孩子们, 夫妻, 和家庭.

他们会加倍努力, 在需要的时候, provide substance abuse referrals for both inpatient and outpatient drug treatment programs for all family members.

LYDIA Home还以提供各种物理服务而自豪, 精神, 行为健康服务.

家不止于此, 他们还提供育儿课程, 以及任何需要转介的社区服务,如食品储藏室, 住房, 支持团体, 就业培训, 继续教育项目.

LYDIA Home leaves no stone unturned in this program and will utilize any resource available to ensure a family is given the best possible chance at a successful outcome of keeping the family together in a safe and loving home.


主管:Kimi Emery硕士,城市生活垃圾

2. 推荐几个足彩外围app

为遭受虐待的儿童及青少年提供临时寄养服务, 忽视, 或者其他家庭问题.

这 program includes placement for 孩子们 with behavioral and emotional health problems that may require extra time, 注意, 或者接受过专门培训的养父母的技能. 


莉迪亚之家的推荐几个足彩外围app是首屈一指的. They go above and beyond and ensure that 孩子们 receive the care they need until the hopeful goal is achieved of seeing families reunited after foster care.  

莉迪亚之家推荐几个足彩外围app的理念很简单, 作为神的子民, they have a responsibility to create a 社区 that provides a home for these 孩子们 (Psalm 82:3).  LYDIA Home believes that there is always a role to play in helping our 孩子们 whether that’s by praying, 给予时间和资金支持, 或者成为养父母.  

Placing a child in a foster family home is not intended as a permanent living arrangement but to protect the child while the work is done to ensure a child’s successful future. 丽迪亚之家的寄养人员与儿童与家庭服务部密切合作, 自然家族, and the foster family to always strive to achieve the one goal: reuniting 孩子们 with their families.  



临时照顾儿童,以在紧急情况下代替其他养父母, 假期, 或者其他情况,持续几天或几周.


Care for 孩子们 ages 0 to 18 whose families are experiencing issues that make them unable to care for their 孩子们.


Care for 孩子们 who have significant behavioral or emotional issues that require 注意 above the average foster child. 寄养家庭必须具备额外的技能来满足孩子的个人需求. 要么是已经具备必要技能的养父母, 或者愿意接受培训,以满足这些寄养儿童的特殊需求, may become part of a “specialized” or “treatment” foster care program providing intensive services.


  • 伊利诺伊州居民,至少25岁,有可证实的收入

  • 在良好的身心健康,是一个成熟,忠诚的基督徒

  • 他能接受寄养的临时性质吗

  • 能与LYDIA, DCFS和自然家庭合作吗


(773) 355-5563

3. 住院治疗计划

Children ages 6-18 receive intensive behavioral and emotional therapy to be able to successfully reintegrate into a positive family environment.

莉迪亚之家的住院治疗计划提供了一个结构化的, 为有严重行为问题的儿童和青少年提供治疗环境, 他们中的许多人受到虐待或忽视的创伤.

LYDIA Home provides healing and teaches these 孩子们 the practical life skills they need to live in a home setting successfully. 


Children are referred for residential treatment for serious emotional and behavioral challenges such as, 但不限于, 侵略, 自杀的念头, 和冲动.

我们的专家团队, 包括治疗师, 情况下经理, 监事, 幼儿工作者, 教育专家, 咨询医生, 还有一个护士, 为我们的住院医生提供高度的结构和一致性.

这, 除了真诚的关心和关怀, enables 孩子们 to feel safe so that they can start to heal and become successful members of society.

只要有可能,我们鼓励家庭参与治疗过程. 这可以有很多方式,比如定期拜访, 活动, 教育项目, 正在进行的工作人员磋商, 家庭治疗.

这 is encouraged so that 孩子们 and their family members have the opportunity to establish positive, 健康的家庭关系.


通过去教堂, 参与青少年活动, 以及教职员基于信仰的指导, we interact with the 孩子们 and adolescents every day with a deep desire for them to experience God’s love and trust Him to bring lasting change in their lives.


导演:Beverly Triplet
(773) 653-2258

临床主任:Heather Baranowski
(773) 653-2257

4. 咨询中心

Providing counseling for individuals 和家庭 of all ages and backgrounds throughout Chicago. 

LYDIA家庭咨询中心于1996年开业,以帮助满足我们社区不断增长的需求. 我们的咨询服务适用于所有宗教的个人或家庭, 种族, 以及经济背景. 我们接受BCBS、PPO和BCBS社区保险计划. 我们也有一个滑动比例为合格的自付客户.


LYDIA counselors help clients of all ages and backgrounds, with services that include the following:

  • 为儿童、青少年、成人和家庭提供咨询

  • 夫妻咨询

  • 家长培训

LYDIA 咨询中心 opened in 1996 to help meet the many needs facing people in our 社区. 我们的服务面向所有宗教、种族和经济背景的个人.


为什么我感到如此焦虑? 我的婚姻能维持下去吗? 我怎样才能成为一个更好的家长? 这么生气是正常的吗? 为什么我感到如此孤独? 情况会好转吗?

下一步是打电话给LYDIA咨询中心. 我们是来帮忙的!

生活是否有时看起来势不可挡,超出了你的掌控能力? 如果你感到孤独, 困惑, 或失望, 这可能是一个信号,你需要一个训练有素的支持, 有经验的治疗师.

LYDIA咨询中心帮助成年人, 孩子们, 夫妻, 以及面临各种潜在困难的家庭. 自LYDIA Home以来,已经为各种能力的家庭服务了100多年, our particular specialization is in addressing the issues and problems associated with families.


  • 抑郁、焦虑和悲伤

  • 愤怒

  • 虐待的关系

  • 夫妻的问题

  • 亲子关系问题

  • 照顾者倦怠

  • 关注/学习困难

  • 职场关系问题

我们LYDIA咨询中心的治疗师已经亲眼目睹了这些问题, 左无人值守, 最终会变得势不可挡. It takes courage to seek help, but the peace and contentment you experience can be life-changing!





拨打(773)653-2261在任何时间与您的Contact信息,开始吸收过程, 或者发邮件到counseling@whiteoakspta.net.


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5. 儿童的安全家庭

连接训练, passionate volunteers to marginalized families who have been looking for a way to help provide for their 孩子们 and provide safety while still keeping them in the home. 

儿童的安全家庭 was created as a solution to a problem that needed to be addressed—but in a different way. 这些家庭不需要寄养参与,而是需要力量, 工具, 社区, 和一只援助之手.


多年来, LYDIA Home saw many 孩子们 enter the child welfare system for reasons that could have been prevented had they had the right resources at their disposal. 决心看到更多的孩子受到保护,家庭完整, LYDIA Home于2003年创立了推荐买球平台. LYDIA Home是一个由志愿者推动的非营利组织,以提供希望而自豪, 支持, 以及家庭所需要的力量.

LYDIA之家, 这些家庭周围充满了关怀, 有同情心的社区,随时准备在危机发生时采取行动. 推荐买球平台的使命是创建一个扩展的家庭支持系统. 这进一步推动了我们的愿景,即看到并创造一个儿童不仅仅是生存的世界, 但茁壮成长,是安全的, 在那里,家庭被彻底改变,以领导一个成功的家庭, 欢乐的生活. 


(773) 653-2200

6. 安全家庭PLUS(提供持久无条件支持)

Providing trained volunteer mentors to youth residents of LYDIA Home who are aging out of the foster care program.

导师s are there to 支持 residents through their early years of adulthood and ensure a safe, 当他们过渡到社会时,可靠的Contact. 


在LYDIA Home,这种影响并不仅仅是短期的. 这 program was created to ensure LYDIA Home’s 孩子们 not only receive top-notch care as they are raised but even after they have transitioned into society.

这 program pairs trained volunteer mentors with youth aging out of the foster care system who could benefit from learning basic life skills and having a connection to a safe adult in their life.

通过这个项目, many youth become connected to and loved by a family or mentor who walks beside them throughout their early years of adulthood, 大大减少了许多年轻人衰老的风险因素.


(767) 3456